Audio: Sonnie Badu - Baba Live ft. Jonathan Nelson [ + Lyrics ]

January 1, 2017
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Baba we are In Your presence
Let It rain
Pour Your Rain
Let It Fall on me

We are In Your presence
Let It rain
Pour Your rain
Let It fall on me

Open the floodgates
In abundance
And cause Your rain to fall on me
(Repeat )

Baba Oooooooooo
Baba ooooooooooo
Baba Ooooooooooo
Baba Ooooooooooo

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You spirit of death and hell, I am not your candidate, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. / ReplyJehovah is praise worthy
    Good morning, A lot has changed here, we can not get the playlist again and we can't download our favorite any more, please clarify

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