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Ese Kenny Kore
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Ęse (Thank YOU) is the latest offering from Kenny Kore. Its off his soon to be released, Burnt Brass album.

The song takes a grateful look at Gods mercy, favour, and love through the minstrels over 20 year musical career, and its mostly delivered in Kores beloved Yoruba tongue.

The Burnt Brass album is Kenny Kore latest album and it promises to be a great 2017 companion. Ese is the first Yoruba gospel music to be uploaded to in 2017. Thank God.




Omode marun nsere
Ni ile-iwe nio jare
Baba ‘loya kaa lare
Laba di infinity ooo yaaa
Olori oko laa bade
Aiyeole lo tele
Gongo sooo
Kutupu ruuu

kaare baa mi
Ese ooo
Mode ya sopeee
‘Ku itoju mi
Ema se ooo
Ese ooo

Verse 2
Okunrin marun ‘jaiye
Onto infinity o jare
Baba ‘loya kin dide
Oni ki n press on ooo
Gba isiki lowo mi
Fasiki toju mi
Ki gbogbo aiye lemo daju wipe
Iwo loni temi…Baba!

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

I’m in love with your spirit
They cannot understand it
I’m in love with your holy ghost
They cannot comprehend
I become a riddle to those
Who have known me before
I become a parable
That they can never solve

Look what you’ve done to me
Your love has set me free
Baba look what you’ve done to me
Your love done set me free…Set me free!
Ese ooo (x3)

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