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To submit upload your music, please go to music submission page and follow the instruction to submit your music/audio. We strong recommend that you use the music submission page however you can send email to with your song description, lyrics, mp3 audio and image attachment.



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Comments ( 22 )

  1. / Replymanny
    hello. please help me. what are the titles of these songs? Snfeoi40cd0 1) what is the name of the song at 8:54 to 9:14?2) what is the name of the song at 9:54 to 10:02? 3) what is the name of the song at 10:03 to 10:17? 4) what is the name of the song at 14:29 to 14:51? Thank you and regards, Manny.
  2. / ReplyPrincesino
    i want to post my lyric here thanks
  3. / Replyjuliet
    Please kindly assist. I have been downloading all this while but for some day now I couldn't download songs except sermon. I don't know what the fault.
  4. / Replyolayinka
    pls bring bck oldskool music of Eedris Abdulkareem mr lecturer part one and part 2 etc pls oh
  5. / ReplyJames Phillips
    Can you send to me ur true contact am jaypraiz a gospel artist
    • / King Ten
      You can contact us via twitter support @busysinging. Cheers

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