Universal Gospel Choir – Hlonolofatsa (Bless)

Hlonolofatsa Universal Gospel Choir
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Hlonolofatsa (Bless) Lyrics by Universal Gospel Choir (UGC). This gospel music was delivered in Sotho. UGC are South African gospel group.


Iyo hlonolofatsa(Iyo Bless)
Iyo hlonolofatsa (Iyo Bless)
Iyo ka lebtso la Ntate(Bless in the name of
the father)
(Iyoyoyo hlonolofatsa)(Iyoyoyo Bless)


(Sung in Sotho)
  1. I would love to know more about this chior.

  2. I love this group. I would love to know the translations to some of there songs. I would love to know where the group originated. This music blesses my soul.

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