Audio: Sinach – For Me [ + Lyrics ]



God is for me
Nothing can stand against me
God is for you
You will not be moved

Verse 1:
I’m burning and shining light
The salt of the earth
I’m a new man and glorified
I’m an ambassador

Repeat chorus

Verse 2:
Everything about me is blessed
The head not the tail
I’m the righteousness of God in Christ
Sin has no power over me

Repeat chorus

Verse 3:
No weapon fashioned against me
Shall ever prosper
I have a goodly heritage
Great things are spoken of me

Repeat chorus

Ah ah ah ah
God is for me
Ah ah ah ah
God is for me
Ah ah ah ah
God is for me
Complete in Him/4x
I belong to Jesus

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Comments ( 7 )

  1. / Replywalters
    Beautiful ...... Am blessed.
  2. / Replyfaith
    Thanks I was able to download it successfully. wonderful wonderful song. more grace Sinah.
  3. / ReplyGoddy
    There's no download button, please fix this problem
  4. / ReplyThelma
    Powerful song. I'm blessed!
  5. / Replykhap
    no download link na.... angry
    • / Bidemi
      @khap the download button is just under the text description.

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