Audio: Nathaniel Bassey – No Other God [ + Lyrics ]

February 14, 2016
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I have no other God
But You
(Repeated 4X)
You have done
What no man has done
You will do,
What no man, can do
(Repeated 2x)

I have no other God
But You (2x)
For You have done
What no man has done
And You will do
What no man can do

I have no other God
But You (2x)
You have done
What no man has done
You will do
What no man can do

I may not know what you are going through today
Your sorrow, the hardship, the pain
For though the maintains scrubbed
The oceans raged
And war against my soul
The devil may waged
Though the tempest has turned my smiles upside down
And my life, like a river of sorrow
In which I drawn
Yet will I stand
Unshaken for as long as it last
Faithful is He that promised
And it shall comes to pass
If God be for us
Then who can stand against
The God who spoke all the earth is deformed
He said
Let there be light
Let there be day
Let there be night
Out of the sound of His voice
Birds, fish, and trees become
The maintains they mint like wax
The hills skip like young cows
At the sound of the voice of the God that we serve
Our help in ages pasted
Our hope for years to come
Besides thee oh Lord
We have no other God

I have no other God
But You (2x)
You have done
What no man has done
You will do
What no man can do
(Repeated 2x)

You will do
What no man
Can do

(Repeated 2x)

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  1. / ReplyChinedu
    Its had for m to download
  2. / ReplyHastings Mailu
    my heart is blessed by the song. Thanks
  3. / ReplyAdoyi Emmanuel
    May the Almighty God bless you for this wonderful songs in Jesus name AMEN
  4. / ReplyEnchill Innocent
    May the Lord Almighty bless you for this great song. Keep the fire burning big brother..
  5. / ReplyPhebishola
    Love dis song... I hear and my heart listen
  6. / ReplyTy Sokefun Bello
    Am blessed listening to this song....It moves me to pray and know that God is greater than my challenges
  7. / ReplyEkwueme Favour
    The lyrics is totally different from what i hear him sing
  8. / ReplyChris
    What a wonder coming from this song. Glory to God. To think of it that we have one fellowhip with the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit. The sonorious discharge of this song of worship catapults us quickly to fellowship with the Godhead. My God is greater than my challenges. Hallelujah!
  9. / ReplyMartha kimeu
    Awesome, loving this . This is is great. Praise be to our Jehovah. God bless everyone doing this great work.
  10. / ReplyProf Ifeoma Okoye
    Listening to the song puts me in deep communication with God. It sets my soul ready for deep prayer. Its balm to my soul. It stimulates me to profoundly thank God.. kicks out the a remembrance of Multiplicity of God's blessings and reminder that my God can do anything & is above my problems.
  11. / ReplyJob. Odari
    This song lifts in to the presence of God. It makes my spirit sing.. Haleluyah
  12. / ReplySmart gilbert
    Kudos 2 u sir may d increase u more nd more. Remain bless
  13. / ReplyEgbeyemi Kayode Emmanuel
    Really blessed in my heart and healed in my soul. Amen
  14. / ReplyTm
    Kudos to you guys over there, but please review the lyrics. There are some errors in the bridge. Thanks.
  15. / Replyvictor Akpabio
    praise God , hllelujah
  16. / ReplyChinemelu
    To God whom all things is unveiled be all the glory, truely inspirational. May God bless n inspire u d more
  17. / ReplyCeejon
    This is soul lifting. May God's name alone be praised.
  18. / ReplySeun
    Thank You for this inspirational Single. More Grace and Unction in Jesus name.
  19. / Replyaaewhy
    The song just reaches into my soul God bless you
  20. / ReplyJade
    Beautiful. You WILL do what NO MAN can do!!!
  21. / ReplyNonso
    Thank you for blessing my soul with this piece. God bless you.
  22. / ReplyAcheampong Ernest
    This is one of my favorite, in fact I love it
  23. / ReplyCollins
    This song is very very very lovely, I can't do one day without hearing this music... Praise the Lord...
  24. / ReplyKingsley kman
    Nathaniel Bassey no doubt has the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Pérsonaly I'm really blessed by the flow of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through Him. More Grace..... I am glad to be born again and enjoying the beautifulness of His presence and fellowship with wonderfully blessed brother and sisters, mums and dads. More Grace to you Bro in Jesus name. And to everyone, the presence of God is awesome.
    • / Pius
      You're right, the presence of God is so awesome.
  25. / Replyjovanice
    This song has blessed me "No other God"
  26. / ReplyIfeoluwa (@hardephuye)
    Hi! Can I get the link pls? Thanks

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