Jiga Anderson – Sinful Man Ft. Mikadz

Sinful Man Jiga Anderson
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Ive been bruised, hurt, and broken. Walking around like everything is all good while deep inside am empty, and depressed. Acting like I have everything under control and trying so hard to please God (You cant try hard to please God; you live a righteous life, you dont try to live a righteous life), only end up getting hurt cos on each occasion I try, I feel the cold hands of sin pulling me down. Feeling the guilt cos God died for me, gave me all I need and I reject him everyday of my life through one situation or the other. This song was written on a personal note, but can be related to by anyone who goes through the same thing, who is imperfect, knows it and tries to rectify it by applying personal efforts. Note that only when you realise you cannot do it on your own and surrender to the Almighty, only then will you thrive in all you do for the kingdom – Jiga Anderson This is the second single off his forthcoming project CHRONICLES OF A SINFUL MAN – Tha Ep which will be released much later in the year. Stay tuned Artistes name…

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