I woo my husband with special delicacy – Monique

I woo my husband with special delicacy – Monique
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Female gospel singer, Temitope Monique Fabiyi is our guest on this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. In this short piece, she explains how she entices her husband at home with delicious food.

How would you describe food?
It means health, entertainment. For me, it can be described in different ways.

What is your eating habit like? 

I eat when it is needful. …and your favourite meal? Rice with fried plantain and stew. I also like eba prepared with good soup. I like to have assorted meat in my pot of soup.

Is there nutritional value derive from these foods?

Energy given food. But a balanced meal if it is well served with other nutrient including protein, vitamins and mineral salt. A glass of water is also very important.

Was there pranks you played as a child to get your favourite meal?

There was no need to play pranks. I get my food whenever I wanted to.

As a lovely wife, how do you woo your husband at home?

I prepare his special delicacy which is amala with gbegiri and ewedu. What would attribute to your healthy living? I eat healthy foods, take lots of water as well. It is nice to have good sleep as part of one’s leisure time.

Your fruits?

I take oranges and water melon often.

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