I Don’t Believe The Bible On s*x – Nollywood Actress

Queeneth Hilbert
Queeneth Hilbert

Stunning Nigerian actress, Queeneth Hilbert has kicked against the position of the bible against premarital s*x as she also talked about her relationship with men in general.

Many writers have described Queeneth Hilbert as the most beautiful actress in Nigeria.

Right or wrong, the model turned actress is unquestionably beautiful with a touch of class about her.

She is being sought after seriously by men on the social media and all other possible means to reach her.

In a recent interview, she spoke about her experience with men who are always in demand for ‘something’ in dealing with her.

When I was trying to establish myself as a model, every man I met wanted something from me. In this country, most men you meet don’t want to do anything for you unless you are ready to offer s*x.

Only very few men are nice. I don’t know if it happens like that to other women but for me, it has and that doesn’t mean I have anything against men. I don’t, she says

And her feelings haven’t affected her desirability to have s*x with the opposite s*x.

Well, you see someone and you feel this guy will be good in bed, fine, go ahead and have it.

s*x is something you can have if you feel good about it. I don’t believe all those Bible stuffs about s*x, she quips.


Queeneth Hilbert
Queeneth Hilbert

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  1. Beautiful try and know God early because He coming is near. God bless you

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