Frank Edwards – I No Fit Shout

I No Fit Shout Frank Edwards
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This is a way of Frank Edwards saying – God you are too much! I No Fit shout by Frank Edwards like most of his songs will remain evergreen.


I no fit shout o
Haaaaaaa Eh eh eh
I no fit shout o

Eeeeeeeh Eh eh eh
Mio le pari wo Pari wo
God na elele Elele

Esu alele Alele
God na elele Elele

Verse 1

E don tey wey you dey love me
E don tey wey you dey cover me
When I was a little boy o
Suffer suffer no bi play play
I cry I tire o
Water finish for my eyes eh
I go sell under the rain o
I go sell under the sun
My mama carry my matter for head o
Say my pikin no go die
She pray she tire o
Water finish for her eyes o
If no bi God o


Verse 2

Ije ije ije ije
Jah Jehovah o
Na you change my life o
You do am sotey
Ugochuchukwu don dey work
Baba carry me do what you like o
I throwey salute o o
Eyah eyah eh
Everything I touch
E dey work
Everytime I pray
You dey answer
Every song I sing
E dey sell
Na which kind of love be this eh
You dey carry me like baby
You be my everything


Verse 3

Ije ije ije ije
E no matter who you be
E no matter wetin you dey face o
Haaaaaa ha
Almighty father o
Na Him go do am for you
He go do am sotey
Bad belle people go vex
The more they vex o
The higher you go dey go o
Tell me wetin your son go give you baba


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