Audio: Elijah Oyelade - Glorious God [ + Lyrics ]

January 1, 2016
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Glorious God, Beautiful King
Excellent God, I bow before your throne

Bow before Your Throne
Worship at Your feet
Bow before Your Throne
You’re the Glorious God (Repeat)

(From the top)

Your Name is Alpha, Omega,
Ageless, Changeless
Almighty, Jehovah
Glorious God, I bow before your throne (repeat)


Ei Baba, Ei Baba, Ei Baba
You’re the Glorious God (Repeat)


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Every priest of darkness monitoring my destiny, dry up, in the name of Jesus.

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    I am Henry Light. I uploaded my song "Back To God" over a month now. What's the condition to bring it to your main site. Here's my link
  2. / ReplyMaureen oby john
    Very easy to flow here. Happy me.
  3. / ReplyVictor
    Can't download too
  4. / ReplyIfeoma
    looking for a song with the lyrics Being around the World Looking a miracle I found no one, nobody like You Being to many places Searching for a better life I found no one nobody like You nobody like You Hail my Jesus Ebube Ebube Ebube Dike
  5. / Replypepp
    Click on the share button return to same page and then download
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    Please can someone tell me how to download dis? Bcos I can't see any download point, thanks
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      If u can see a share button click on it Return to page and that share button will disappear and replaced with download then u click it
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    How can I download it?
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    pls I can't download
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      Bro ken, click on the right hand side sign to downloadA
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      How can I download
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    I can't download
  10. / Replyjen
    I have been blessed.Emmanuel,the 4th man in the fire,the greater i am,all powerful.....the list is endless.let us love Jehova
  11. / ReplyRev Helen Davies/USA
    My goodness, what a power anointing!!! Praise the name of the Living God!!! Thank you so much for this priceless worship. It doesn't get any higher than this. God's blessings to all who visit here. May God do great and mighty things in your life today in Jesus name. May He do more than you've ever imagined. Stay truth to Jesus! Serve Him. Honor Him. Bring others into the Kingdom. It's the Master's heartbeat.
  12. / ReplyMartha A
    Great song
  13. / ReplyAmos Adangabe
    This is pure worship i tell you my o my i love this over and over
  14. / ReplyGrace Awor
    May The Almight God Inspire you the more .
  15. / ReplyAPOSTLE FAITH
  16. / ReplyIfeanyi
    The Lord Is Glorious Indeed God Wil Never Forsake You For Expresing How Glorious He Is
  17. / ReplyDaisy
    This song is so wonderful to express How much GOD is
  18. / ReplyBchuks
    Thanks bro for this refreshing worship more GRace
  19. / ReplyJoyce
    Sorry pls, I can't download his song
  20. / ReplyTendai
    Powerful, spirit filled worship......played it all night long!
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    I can't download
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    Can't download
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