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Next In Line Cwesi Oteng
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The first single of the highly anticipated Anthems album of award-winning gospel artist, Cwesi Oteng, is out hinting his comeback onto the music scene after close to four years of silence. The single, Next in Line, and its video is already receiving plaudits from pundits and fans and generating buzz on social media. Next in Line is a confessional song of faith and hope of better days coming. It is a fusion hotbed of Hip-Hop, Techno, Soft rock and Pop strings beautifully woven together to keep listeners dancing. According to Cwesi, Next in Line introduces the sound carved for the Anthems album – a global sound and essence of congregational worship and praise as greats like Hillsong and Bethel Music have contributed to the world. The first single, Next in Line is a perfect symbol of the entire album and rightly so its sound and message attest to what is to come. I have never done a project where I felt so not in control like this Anthems project. Everyone on the team knew that a higher hand was controlling and directing everything from our strategy and song writing sessions to rehearsals and the live audio and video taping. I see many nations and tribes singing these songs in large gatherings, Cwesi revealed.

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