Christian Rapper On Confession To Murder: I Wanted To Get Right With God

Christian rapper Trevell Coleman
Christian rapper Trevell Coleman

Christian rapper Trevell Coleman, better known as G Dep. A Christian rapper who confessed to murder nearly 20 years after he did it says he has no regrets about owning up, because it put him right with God.

Trevell Coleman, better known as the rapper G Dep, which stands for “ghetto dependent”, was a rising star on the New York hip-hop scene and had been signed to megastar Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy record label in a $350,000 recording contract.

He also had a wife, Crystal, and twin boys. But he was finding it increasingly difficult to cope
with his guilty conscience.

In autumn 1993, when he was 18, Trevell shot John Henkel three times with a 40-caliber handgun on Park Avenue in Manhattan after his attempt to rob him went wrong. It turned out Henkel had just $6 in his wallet at the time.

Trevell has described how, by 2010, he had already lost his recording contract and developed a drug problem as he struggled to quiet his conscience. In the end he could no longer keep the secret to himself. He told his wife and then went to the police.

He had seen Henkel when riding past on his bike, he tells Mike Wooldridge of Heart and Soul: The Dilemma, to be broadcast by BBC World Service this weekend.

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