Audio: Steve Crown – You Are Great

May 18, 2016
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I receive open doors, the fulfillment of my dreams, goals and objectives, in Jesus name.

Comments ( 36 )

  1. / ReplyJames Kamara
    God is great. This song is touching. Thank you very much my brother
  2. / ReplyDebbie
    What a spirit filled song. More anointing bro
  3. / ReplyAgums
    Oh my goodness. I'm so living this song. Our God is indeed great and everything written about Him is great. God bless you my brother for this wonderful song
  4. / ReplyEmeribe innocent
    Indeed it is a Gospel music inspired by the holy spirit and our LORD Jesus Christ through his son #joepraize# who Believes in the Sacrosanctity of Human Life.
  5. / ReplyFemi
    Wonderful Song. God bless you and your ministry.

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