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Are you an upcoming Nigerian artists and you need somewhere to upload your music so that your fans, friends and our web users can listen to and download? We have created a platform for this.

Please upload your song on https://gospelmenu.com/sound/

Upload your song on https://gospelmenu.com/sound/

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  1. / Replyprincess Ijeoma
    Pls, I want to upload my song, am looking for the right channel, I followed the link here,http://gospelmenu.com and I was directed to login, but I HV not sign up, I didn't see the platform to sign up. Pls direct me well.
  2. / Replyblezzings
    please sir i have uploaded my songs on gospel menu so how to post it here?
  3. / Replymikewills
    so sorry to ask, how long will it take for my music to be uploaded to the main official busysinging site? after the normal upload on gospel menu
  4. / Replyak mercell
    pls,I want to upload my gospel music on these site pls wat can I do to get my music on the site thanks pls I need your response pls
  5. / ReplyDavid
    Jesus is true and those who worship him should worship him in truely and spirit
    • / Psalmsing
      God Bless you for this Opportunity, Its great and lovely.
    • / bunmi
      This action you have taken will definitely attract great blessings,favour and glory to your life as individual and as a company.Please keep it up.Cheers.Bunmi
    • / ExcellingBill
      I am happy that Christian/gospel music is being promoted. I'm still in the kitchen, coming soon!
    • / Evang N K Marcel
      What about Cameroonian gospel artist. Becouse am one and I wish to use your busysinging to bless others too
    • / Bidemi
      Cameroonian gospel artist are welcome. You can upload your music and we try to put them on busysinging for you. Thank you and God bless.

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