Audio: Sonnie Badu – Baba [ + Lyrics ]

May 24, 2017
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Open the floodgates…

Baba, we’re in Your presence, let it rain
Your rain, let it fall on me
We’re in Your presence, let it rain
Oh, Your rain, let it fall on me (x2)

Open the floodgates in abundance
And cause Your rain, to fall on me (x2)

(Chorus) + (Verse)

Baba o, Baba o (x2)…

Yeah yeah (x?)

Questions about this song...
Baba in yoruba means Father, 'Baba' is a common word for father and as we can see in the lyrics, the only Yoruba word he mention is Baba. This does not mean Dr. Sonnie Badu can speak Yoruba or cannot speak Yoruba. We definitely know that Dr. Sonnie is fluent in Ghanaian language as he grew up in Ghana.
No. Sonnie Badu is a Ghanaian. His father was a pastor in a Ghana church. Sonnie Badu started singing as a choir growing up in Ghana.

You are not the only one who has asked this question, many people think Sonnie Badu is a Nigerian because of the diversity in his song. His songs are welcome in many African countries... Nigerians adore him for his gift.
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  1. / ReplyPeru
    Cant download song. Pliz send it to me Pliz. God bless u
  2. / ReplyTaofad
    Pls I want to download the song. Please help
  3. / ReplyOladiti Pelumi
    This song is really touching.....what a lovely song

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