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    Songs Playlist: Latest Naija Music 2017

Latest Naija Song Tracks List in Playlist

Above are latest Nigerian Music playlist, for year 2017. The songs are brand new outta Naija, fresh, fresh! fresh!!! The most latest songs are at the top of the list. To download(MP3) any of the song click on the download button below. To view the list of all the latest songs in 2017 Click Here (Latest Naija Song in Last 7 days). The playlists are mixture of afrobeat, hiphop and gospel music, in future we plan to separate them. Enjoy, Share and download Latest Naija Music Playlists.

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    Great job here...l love this site soooo much #it'sTheBest #AmongTheRest. Please upload Sing Glory by Chelsea and Frank Edwards
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  3. / ReplyOluwaseun
    This is wao. I love it
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    God bless so much,sir, you are indeed an this site.
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    God bless you sir for the great ministrations...indeed worship has no ethnic or continental barrier. Feel blessed
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    Praises unto God in heaven
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    Wooo....addictive!. Our God be praised!...thank you!
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    I regard this link be blessed
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    A massive thank you to you guys for the seamless and fearless downloads...God keep blessing you
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    I love this site... more grace to you all... downloading is easy and reliable
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    I am coming for the first time and I am already getting addicted to this site, thumbs up, would you please include terrible God by jimmy d psalmist?
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    My surest destination to get the audio and lyrics of my songs... Love you guys
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    Whata lovely deed you guys are doing... It's a wonderful and amazing work which is easier said than done. God bless you guys.
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    Wow...... You guys are doing a fantastic work here. No easier way to download. God bless you in all phases
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    I always get downloads from here u are complicated ways to download....very much easy to...thanx...God bless
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    pls upload Tope alabi's latest album."Yes and Amen"

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