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Above is Rue playlists, last updated 2017. The latest Rue songs is at the top of the list. To download any of the songs in the playlist, click on download button below. To change the song or find another artists, Click here (Playlists). Listen, share and enjoy Rue latest song Playlists.

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  1. / ReplyQueenRuth Lefor
    • / QueenRuth Lefor
  2. / Replyjoseph banda
    Truly the Lord is great. Loving this album
  3. / ReplyFaith Jegede
    beautiful, its soul lifting
  4. / Replypatience k
    For i have seen the power of god through ur music. U a blessing to my life and god continue to bless u and everything u touch.
  5. / ReplyMin. Prince Nwa-Mma
    Pastor Benjamin, I love you. I never knew it was you that did "Lamb of God" until my Pastor raised the song today in Church during healing service. God bless you for saying yes to the call of the ministry. You are my role model and mentor. More Excellent Spirit upon you, sir. I love you!

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