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  • Bridgy – Ameh (Living Water)

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Above is Bridgy playlists, last updated 2017. The latest Bridgy songs is at the top of the list. To download any of the songs in the playlist, click on download button below. To change the song or find another artists, Click here (Playlists). Listen, share and enjoy Bridgy latest song Playlists.

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  1. / ReplyDellgoah
    You are really a blessing to me. Most especially Spirit pray and the way you Father me. May God empower you more and more Mr. Oyelade
  2. / ReplyHenry Mullins
    Thanks Eben, God bless u
  3. / ReplyAbigail
    I never had hope in life till I heard his intentional. Pls pray for me thank u . Pls can u help me to realize my album i'v been working ,youv been an inspiration to me and my brother ,he plays the guitar and I sing ,pls help us to realise our album Thank u so much
  4. / Reply£dd¥rems
    You're blessed man, may your source of inspiration never go dry in Jesus name 🙏. Great work. I love all your songs.
  5. / ReplyVera blinks
    Your songs are source of inspiration for many. God bless you and increase you in your work.
  6. / ReplyAustin
    You are a blessing to this generation
  7. / ReplyJoseph
    You have got the king David anointing
  8. / Replyakwalu
    God is really great and uncomparable
  9. / ReplyMike
    You are blessed sir.
  10. / ReplyMary
    Nothing is more satisfying, than listening to your songs. Thank you Travis greene
  12. / ReplyTosin Gab
    Your anointing will never go dry Beautiful music
  13. / Replylevy k botha
    good song for my soul
  14. / ReplyEmmanuel
    What a great and glorious song.
  15. / ReplyOladipo kayode(kay design)
    Good job
  16. / ReplyMathew
    I love this
  17. / ReplyShola Fatai
    I so much love the song, am moved my it.
  18. / ReplyAkinseye Sefunmi Peace
    Thanks to this site, God bless you. You made downloading so easy for me.
  19. / ReplyWashington
    Powerful song by all standard. I am really blessed by this song
  20. / ReplyUba Chris
    my God is the only Ekwueme one no other one
  21. / ReplyWisemam Philip
    Indeed the spirit of God bereth withness with our spirit i love the song
  22. / ReplyPhindile
    Wooooow woow wow so so blessed didn't know him but saw his music video this morning was like what.. Who is this the guy can really sing fallen in love with his music.
  23. / Replyrebecca
    Am blessed
  24. / ReplyBernard kasule
    U unlieved ma inside inspirational mood that has been n chains over decades Thax,,,,,, may God bless yah
  25. / ReplyPriscilla
    You are a blessing from above, your music revives my spirit thank you so much for allowing God use minister to thousands through your music.
  26. / ReplyMichael
    Travis Greene, what a blessing! I am always inspired when I listen to your song. Keep up the great work.
  27. / Replykayode 'seyi
    Wow! Thumb up. U are doing a great job
  28. / ReplyDeji
    You are nothing but a blessing to our world musically.
  29. / ReplyTope
    Awsome ...ilove it

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