Top Praise & Worship Naija Gospel Songs

Lists below are Top Praise & Worship Naija Gospel Songs (Nigerian Gospel Music) available for download in mp3 format. To listen or download any of the songs below click on the song to view download page. Visit New Gospel Music Section For More Nigerian Songs of Praise & Worship.

With over 2000 amazing gospel songs uploaded on busysinging since 2015, how do you find the most popular gospel songs out of them all? We did this by arranging most view and most downloaded gospel music. We made users decide based on their interactions. From the top to bottom are the most views and most downloaded Nigerian gospel music – We classed them as most popular. Feel free to listen and download. These are really good gospel music. As we going into 2017, be expecting more from these amazing gospel artists (Sure!).

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  1. / Replymartchyke
    it is really nice to find another site that promotes good gospel music. We want to thank you for partnering with us in propagating the gospel. God bless you.
  2. / ReplyBrook
    great worship God bless you.........................................please i can not download please help i need it now
  3. / Replysmallfada
    Can't download
  4. / ReplyAddoquaye
    Thank God Sinach's life Really like the music
  5. / ReplySamuel
    Awesome Lyrics, They really bless my soul.

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