Oyindamola – Agbatan

Agbatan Oyindamola
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Oyindamola Adejumo Ayibiowu releases a brand new single titled Agbatan to bless her fans all over the world. Agbatan is coined from the Yoruba proverb Agbatan la n gbole which literally means you if you gonna help a lazy man, youve got to help him completely because if you stop halfway, he wont still be able to help himself through! [@oyinda_adejumo]

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  1. Greater height Best Sister in Christ. Your songs has always been a soul lifting and blessings to us. Wish to have u at my occasion soon. Love U ma. More of Christ in You.

  2. 1000 likes for this great piece.One love

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Oyindamola – Agbatan
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