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Tiwa Savage and husband

Tiwa Savage Back With Husband TeeBillz

Feelers from Sunday Scoop’s snooping around indicate that estranged lovebirds, singer, Tiwa Savage, and her former manager cum husband, Tunji Balogun aka Teebillz are back in each other’s arms.

It will be recalled that the once lovey-dovey couple washed their dirty linen in public sometime in April 2016, when the couple fell out big time.

Teebillz, who claimed to be the brains behind Tiwa’s music fortunes, accused the singer of cheating on him with several artistes including Don Jazzy, 2face and Dr. Sid. He also blamed Tiwa’s mum for fuelling the crisis in their marriage.

Of course, Tiwa did not just debunk the allegations, she also accused of Teebillz of being a habitual user of drugs , stealing her money and engaging in extra-marital affairs.

However, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and it seems the couple has finally put the squabble behind them.

According to a source close to the couple, family members from both sides have intervened in the dispute and have successfully brought about reconciliation. The hitherto estranged lovebirds have now buried the hatchet but not before Teebillz travelled out of the country where he underwent rehabilitation to help with his drug addiction. He returned to the country recently, and has been spending time with his son, Jamal. Also, he and Tiwa are back to living together.

At media personality, Stephanie Coker and Olumide Aderinokun’s wedding, Tiwa and Teebillz were the centre of attention.Their first public appearance together since their well-publicised break-up, the duo only had eyes for each other. A besotted Teebillz could not keep his hands away from his wife’s waist.

Our source also disclosed that the couple had been advised to keep their relationship off social media, and from the prying eyes of third parties.

It was also learnt that while the couple was apart, Tiwa, reportedly purchased a house in Jos, Plateau State, where she went to cool off, at the peak of her marriage crisis. She fell in love with the cold and cosy environment in Jos and shelled out several millions of naira to purchase a house in a highbrow area of the Tin City.

Food To Improve Sex Life

8 Foods That Can Improve Your Sex Life

1. Spinach

Come to think of it, Popeye and Olive Oyl were always chasing one another around. Eating spinach will not only help you get Victoria’s Secret-ready—thanks to its appetite-suppressing compounds—but it will also put you in the mood by increasing blood flow below the belt. “Spinach is rich in magnesium, a mineral that decreases inflammation in blood vessels, increasing blood flow,” explains Cassie Bjork, RD, LD of Healthy Simple Life. “Increased blood flow drives blood to the extremities, which, like Viagra, can increase arousal and make sex more pleasurable,” says psychotherapist and sex expert Tammy Nelson Ph.D. “Women will find it is easier to have an orgasm, and men will find that erections come more naturally.”

2. Green Tea

The secret to a hotter nightlife starts with a hot cup of tea. Green tea is rich in compounds called catechins, which have been shown to blast away belly fat and speed the liver’s capacity for turning fat into energy. But that’s not all: Catechins also boost desire by promoting blood flow to your nether regions. “Catechins kill off free radicals that damage and inflame blood vessels, increasing their ability to transport blood,” says Bjork. “Catechins also cause blood vessel cells to release nitric oxide, which increases the size of the blood vessels, leading to improved blood flow,” she explains.

3. Pesto

Pine nuts, one of the key ingredients in pesto sauce, are exceptionally high in zinc, and women with higher levels of zinc in their system have been shown to have a higher sex drive than those with lower levels.

4. Red Wine

If you’re looking for a way to simultaneously boost your libido and calm those pre-date jitters, pour yourself a glass of red. Women who drank one to two glasses had heightened sexual desire compared to ladies who didn’t down any vino, a Journal of Sexual Medicine study found. (Just be sure to cut yourself off after your second glass; enjoying more than that didn’t stimulate any further arousal, and knocking back too much can stop the show before it starts.) What makes the elixir so beneficial is a rich antioxidant profile that triggers nitric oxide production in the blood, which relaxes artery walls. As with many of the foods on this list, that increases blood flow down south.

5. Steaks and Burgers

If your crazy-busy schedule is to blame for your lack of libido, you’re not alone. “One of the primary reasons couples stop having sex is because they’re tired, fatigued and stressed. But sometimes, there’s a biological component at play,” says Nelson. One of the causes of fatigue in women is iron deficiency. The condition can sap energy, which may result in a low sex drive, explains Nelson. Bjork concurs, adding, “Iron deficiency is common and can result in feelings of exhaustion, weakness and irritability, which doesn’t make anyone feel like getting intimate.”

6. Fatty Fish

It’s no secret that oily coldwater fish like wild salmon, sardines, and tuna are overflowing with omega-3 fatty acids, but here’s something you may not know: The nutrient not only benefits your heart but also raises dopamine levels in the brain. This spike in dopamine improves circulation and blood flow, triggering arousal, Bjork and Nelson explain. There’s more: “Dopamine will make you feel more relaxed and connected to your partner, which makes sex more fun,” adds Nelson.

7. Coffee

A recent survey discovered that the #1 spot for first dates is Starbucks. Looks like we’ve figured out why. In a recent study–albeit on animals–coffee consumption was found to make females more eager to engage in sex, and more likely to want it again after a brief rest. But studies show that men are more sensitive to caffeine than women are; guys begin to react within 10 minutes of sipping joe. Since decaf also creates an enhanced level of alertness, a buzz-free bean might be the right pick-me-up for guys who want to avoid first-date jitters.

8. Dark Chocolate

Good news, chocolate lovers: Your go-to indulgence can help get you in the mood. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that have been shown to reduce stress and relax blood vessels, sending blood to all the right regions—no Twinkie can claim that. Those same flavonoids can also help diminish body fat, which can boost your confidence in bed, making it easier to focus on the main attraction. Just be sure to avoid the worst dark chocolates for weight loss and instead, opt for an ounce of our go-to bar, Lindt 85% Cocoa Excellence. It carries notes of sweet stone fruits and, unlike other bars, doesn’t contain alkalized cocoa, which contains far fewer beneficial flavonoids.



JJC and Funke

Pastor Tells Funke Akindele ‘You Can’t Have Children Unless You Marry a Pastor’

A Lagos-based Pastor, Olagorioye Faleyimu, has prophesied that the Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, will be barren, and that her present marriage may end up being broken.

Faleyimu therefore urged Akindele to marry a pastor who, he said, would help her fight her ‘battles.’

Perhaps in response to this unusual prophecy,  Funke’s husband, JJC Skillz, has reaffirmed his love and commitment to his sweetheart of the Jenifa’s Diary fame, saying she gave him a new life.

He said the 39-year-old actress came into his life when he had given up all hopes of ever having a happy family.

“As you have given me peace,  I pray that you will forever find peace,”  he wrote in a series of Snapchat posts.”

He also prayed to God to bless Funke’s marriage (to him) with children.

Faleyimu had prophesied,  A popular actress in Nollywood, Funke Akindele, who was once in the Yoruba movie industry should pray deeply so as to have children.

“Another grace she has is to marry a pastor who can fight the battle on her behalf with prayers.”

Meanwhile, many of Funke’s fans have taken to the social media to offer support and prayers, assuring her that negative prophecies will not come to pass in her life.


Dele Momodu

Dele Momodu Walks Out Of Show After Davido Calls Him His ‘Boy’

Nigerian journalist Dele Momodu didn’t seem pleased during a show as he walked out when Davido performed Falz’s hit song ‘Bahd, Baddo, Baddest’. The businessman left the show when the artist performed the song which contains the lyrics ‘Mr Dele na my boy, Dele na my boy’, an obvious reference to the Ovation publisher.

Davido and the Ovation magazine publisher have long been at loggerheads.

Footage of the incident surfaced on social media.

When will Davido & Dele Momodu’s beef end? Davido doesn’t give a F. Baba walked out after he called him his boy. pic.twitter.com/OkHpYnAXJR

— PREMIUM TWEEP (@XANTAPLUS) December 28, 2016

Momodu had previously stated that their differences had been resolved, but it doesn’t seem so by the look of things.

Kiss Daniel Robbed at Gun Point while Performing in Calabar

Singer Kiss Daniel was reportedly attacked by armed robbers while he was performing at the Calabar Christmas Village.

According to a shop owner at the village, Glory Andem, said:


It was a serious situation and I got injured. What happened was that some guys came into the village and tried to rob Kiss Daniel when he was singing, ‘Oya talk to me o mama.’

They were throwing bottles and other things at him. Before we knew it, they brought out guns and started shooting. Some security men immediately rushed to the singer. But even with the security, the robbers rushed at him and removed his clothes and collected things from him.


They would have killed that guy. To be honest, I don’t know how he managed to escape. You know there are several thousands of people in the Christmas village usually and the situation led to a serious pandemonium.


They broke up everything in my shop. They took all my money. They robbed a lot of shops. Our chairs were broken. Everybody was running at the same time. It was a terrible experience.


Several cars were vandalised. They broke the cars to steal from them. At a point, the lights went off and I thought I was going to die. As I speak with you, I have a serious cut from the incident and I want to go to a hospital to take a tetanus injections.


The robbers started shooting at about 1 a.m at the village which opens for 24hours from December 1 to December 31 every year.

There are no details on the fatality figure, but reports say some people sustained gunshot injuries.

The state Commissioner of Police, Jimoh Ozi-Obeh, however said it was not a robbery attack, but a misunderstanding between the organisers.

He said the original plan was that Kiss Danieland other musicians would perform at the U.J. Esuene Stadium in Calabar, but the venue was changed to the Christmas village without any notice to security agencies.

“There was no robbery incident in Calabar and nobody was attacked by robbers in any other part of Cross River State. What happened was that the government had initially planned to host the musician at the (U.J. Esuene) stadium, but the plan was changed to the Calabar Christmas Village. They probably had misunderstanding with the organisers. It was the change of venue that was not properly organised,” he said.

Cheating Husband

4 Verses From The Bible To Know When Your Husband Cheats On You

When people get married, they make vows to always love and honour themselves to death do them part. To some people, marriage is as easy as breathing but to others, it is a tough journey.

One of the vows is to stay faithful but we are all human and can fall into temptation and have something to do outside our marriage. Usually, it is the man at fault and women are coaxed to grin and bear it.

It is during these hard times that you may fall back on religion to comfort and guide you. If you’re a devout christian, here are four bible verses you should remember when your husband cheats on you.

1. Hebrews 13: 4

Hebrews chapter 13, verse four says: “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.”.

Reflect on the words. Understand your husband has betrayed your trust and your sacred union. Understand that you play a part in the marriage but he made a choice to solve your marital issues behind your back instead of communicating his issues.

Assign blame to him and come to terms that you both are now facing problems because of it. Basking in denial or quickly sweeping it under the rug will not do you good. Acceptance is the first step.

2. Romans 12:17

Romans chapter 12, verse 17 says: “Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.”  You will be angry, that emotion is normal; it’s allowed.

No matter how long the time was, that you both were together, you will feel a raging fire in your heart and anger can lead to harsh decisions. Do not let it cloud your judgment or take control.

Find a healthy release for anger and let it quench. Don’t try to harm him or yourself or endanger someone’s life. Don’t try to pay him back and make him suffer like you are suffering. Just call God into the situation and pray for peace of mind.

3. Galatians 6: 7 – 8

Galatians chapter six, verse seven to eight says: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Remember that the God you serve is a just God.

He will pay everyone back for what he or she has done in this life and your husband will be included. He sowed his seed when he cheated on you and will reap what he sowed from that.

If he has seen the error of his ways, draw him closer to God once again and make him find ways to make amends. If he has chosen to go down the path of continuous cheating, remember his just desserts are coming to him.

4. Mark 11:25

Mark chapter 11, verse 25 says: “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

Forgiveness is a sure way of freeing yourself of any pain and bitterness. When you hold unto things, you remember them and remember the anger and you are  bound to hating that person.

However, when you forgive, you free yourself of the burden and yo let love win. It is up to you and your husband if you both decide you can move past his cheating or move on from your marriage. However, make sure you truly forgive him and free yourself from the pain.


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