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Endless Love Nekki
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Thriving Nigerian music minister, Nekki sings about God’s perfect love in a new titled “Endless Love”. She describes God as a friend who is stronger than a brother in this new single of hers.

“Endless Love” came from a heart that acknowledged that only the love of is true and will last forever. He gave His only son for the sin’s of the world! What love is greater than this? We are rest assured in His Endless Love!

“I have come to realize that the love that will last for a life time is that love which is found in Christ. It is called the Agape love. It is eternal. It has no bounds. It is endless. It surrounds us like the sea. It makes up for the shortcomings of all other forms of love. Jesus is the summary of Agape love. He left his throne in heaven and took the form of man and dwelt among us. He lived and died for the whole world while we were yet sinners. Praise God. Halleluya.” – Nekki shares

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