Audio: Nathaniel Bassey - This God is too Good Ft. Micah Stampley [ + Lyrics ]

January 3, 2017
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I will worship you forever
Love you forever because
This God is too good o

Verse 1:
I know a God, who’s merciful and kind
Faithful and gracious
I’m the apple of his eyes
And the thought that fills his heart
Every Morning, noon and night
He loved me when I didn’t care
And was patient till I came
Running back into his arms
Look how he turned my life around
Making me a shining light
His glory to reveal

Don’t look too far to see how good he is
Just look at me
He took me from the miry clay
Set my foot upon the rock
I’m standing in his righteousness
He took away my sin and shame
Gave me a brand new name
His beloved and the redeemed
See how he turned my life around
Made me a shinning light his glory to reveal

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I receive open doors, the fulfillment of my dreams, goals and objectives, in Jesus name.

Comments ( 36 )

  1. / ReplyAmaka
    I knew how much God loves me but when I came across this song I was filled with so much love for God and I feel blessed every time I listen to it.
  2. / ReplyMesh
  3. / ReplyNenny
    Please how can I download the song?
  4. / ReplyJohn
    He's more than Good to me; words can't express it. I'm a cancer survivor by His Grace: people keep asking me about medications and drugs I took, and I reply 'God' and 'Jesus' His Son; the powerful healer.
    • / Yinka
      May your testimony remain forever and may you have more cause to honour tlsnd glorify the name of the Lord in Jesus name
    • / Zeezy
      God is the greatest... I rejoice with you and tap from your testimony.
  5. / ReplyElizabeth
    This GOD is more than good...My testimony is the gift of salvation...I never knew it feels this good and peaceful to totally be in Christ...Countless Gbosa to YAHWEH.
  6. / ReplyMichael crowns
    after listening to the song, then i knew how he so much loved me that he sent his only beloved son to die for me.....GOD YOU ARE SO GOOD
  7. / Replypassion Chibuikem
    This is a life changing song, ever since I listened to this song for the first t,God has been turning my life around
  8. / ReplyGeraldine
    I was healed of ulcer by this great God and since then he's been so good to me and my family. today again he confirmed a date for my special day 28 December 2016 it is. thank you Jesus
  9. / ReplyAmarachi Odimba
    The God who is too good. He became to good to me and mine when He healed my mother of Brest cancer. Hellelujah,!
    • / Oluseun
    • / Nma
      This God is super Good, he also healed me of cancer, he is faithful, he never fails
  10. / Replyubah christiana
    i love when he sang in his Mother's tongue
  11. / ReplyElizabeth Elli
    God is truly Good
  12. / ReplyElizabeth Elli
  13. / ReplyJemimah
    Praise God for this song
  14. / ReplySARAFINA
    indeed this God is good am so blessed
  15. / Replyprince imo
    I love the song
  16. / ReplyMichael
    aah! men have grace
  17. / ReplyIwaegbe Blessing
    Am thanking God with this song for what He has started in my life and family and singing it to His ear for He has promised to finished what He has started in my life and I believe He will perfect it .Amen
    • / Abidemi
      @Iwaegbe Amen! And me too.
  18. / ReplyOnyinyechukwu
    God is so good to me and my family.God bless u for this song sir,I love u Lord!
  19. / Replykelvin
    Wow! This song is an expression of what am experiencing now in my life at this stage. In all I can just say "This God is too much and too good. God bless you sir.
  20. / ReplyPrincehills4life@gmail. Com
    God bless you My Mentor..Micah Stampley and a great minister Nathaniel Bassey
  21. / ReplyEsther B.
    Dear Nathaniel, God has used this awesome song to bless my soul richly, may God continue to bless u. Amen. Esther B.
  22. / Replyprince ime
    I want to say a big thank to God almighty for his grace upon your life .I also thank you for your effort.this song has being a blessing to me.
  23. / ReplyUzo James
    Wonderful and spirit filled song. God bless you for providing this link, and God cintinue to bless Sir Nathaniel Basset.
  24. / ReplyChristian C.
    Extremely perfect Gospel Musics, Great one!
  25. / Replycaleb
    Mind blowinq
  26. / ReplyIfeoluwa (@hardephuye)
    Kindly send the link. Thanks.
    • / King Ten
      @ifeoluwa download link sent to your twitter
  27. / Replyoluwafisayomi
    This is really cool. It's a song of the moment.
  28. / ReplyTosin
  29. / ReplyNwadocheli Maureen Joy Ifeoma
    Can't download
    • / King Ten
      @ifeoma Download link to This God is too Good sent to your email. to download any other songs, please click on FACEBOOK LIKE/SHARE BUTTON or G+ and download button will show up. Cheers

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