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August 4, 2016
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The accuser of the brethren finds a way
To come before the Holy Church of the all earth
Points a finger at the faults and failings of the Saints
Then he makes a case, won’t you judge them now
But I’ve got an Advocate in Heaven’s court
My Redeemer and the high Priest of my soul
Jesus Christ the Lamb, the holy Lamb of God
When he hears the case, this is what He says

Chorus 1
I see the blood (the blood), I see the blood (the blood)
I see the blood (the blood), I see the blood (the blood)
I see the blood (the blood), my precious blood (the blood)
I see the blood (the blood), I see the blood (the blood)
I see the blood (the blood), I see the blood (the blood)
I see the blood (the blood), eternal saving blood (the blood)
You don’t have to cry, I have the price

Verse 2
Even though my victory has long been won
The accuser never stop so hard to try
Fighting with the thoughts of You
Just so I can doubt who am I in Christ
But this is what I see

Chorus 2
I plead the blood (the blood), I plead the blood (the blood)
I plead the blood (the blood), I plead the blood (the blood)
I plead the blood (the blood), the precious blood/I please the blood of Jesus Christ
I plead the blood (the blood), I plead the blood, eternal saying blood
I don’t have to cry, Jesus paid the price

We overcame him by the blood (Satan), and by the words of our tesimony
When we fall shot and we forget, the Father is willing to forgive

Repeat Chorus 2

Sanctification, justification, salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ
We have victory by the blood of the Lamb, plead the blood, just plead the blood.

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Holy Spirit, deposit Your wonders in my life in the name of Jesus.

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  1. / Replyuche
    Sir,your songs are good and has really made an impact in my life it has made me see God in another dimension and am grateful for that,and i pray that God almighty will bless you and give you more inspiration in Jesus Name Amen
  2. / ReplyOluwatayo
    I Thank God for the Life of Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, what God his using him for in Generation, I pray that the Anointing of God in your life will dry Up, you will continue to Wax Stronger in Jesus name..Amen Thumbs up to you Sir
  3. / ReplyDatees
    I thank God for using gospel artist like u sir, to teach the youth on using the God-given voice talent to proclaim the gospel of God's given Son- Jesus Christ. And not like some who use theirs to drag the soul of men to Hell. Thank God for u sir.
    Thank you NATHANIEL, you just lift my burdens away with this song THE BLOOD.
  5. / Replyolori kehinde
    Great song d blood. Cant stop listening to it. May God continue to strengthen U Nathaniel Bassey
  6. / Replykoffi vianney
    hello nathaniel i'm vianney koffi and i'm ivorian my dream is to sing like you so i leasten many of your song like THE BLOOD that i want to interpret in my church .but my best wish is to TALK to you and sing with you. here is my number +225 79 90 73 05 and here is my email VIANNEYKOFFI8@GMAIL .COM. THANK
  7. / Replyseun pat
    Pls don't even let go of the Spirit of God. He is too real in ur songs. I pray God will uphold u
  8. / ReplyAdabara
    May God continue to strengthen you so that you Will continue to spread his good news
  9. / ReplyElita Amoroh
    I've been blessed... I just fell in love with the song when I heard the first sentence.... God bless u Nathaniel
  10. / ReplyRichlove Pat
    God continue to fill you with wisdom for His work. Stay blessed
  11. / Replysamuel
    I love music ......the lord will release more anointing for to finish well
  12. / Replynnamdi
    Wow!!! God continue to bless Nathaniel Bassey...You are a true Gospel singer with a message
  13. / Replyjohn ovbude
    you know, this is the only gospel singer , i respected so much, he is a man in God and not a boy, spiritual he is matured. he is a minister and not an entertainer. more grace sir.....
  14. / ReplyMoses Opeyemi
    God bless you sir as you bless my life with your songs
  15. / ReplyBen Kingsley
    my able mentor sir you are not just a minister but a life changer for GOD, SIR NATHANIEL BASSEY i respect the gift of God in your life and i pray for more anointing
  16. / Replygreat austine
    he is indeed a minister not just singing but singing to make a change. my prayer is that the god that gave him that grace will also give him the grace to finish well and also win souls for him.
    • / Obafemi
      Amen in Jesus name
    He's an inspirational and dedicated minister of our time. I appreciate the gift and grace of God in your life. sir, u have started well I pray you will finish strong ijn.
  18. / ReplyMaureen Oseji
    Nathaniel Bassey with powerful lyrics....he's truly a minister.

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