Jesu Mi Da

Mike Abdul

Mike Abdul – JÉSÙ Mi DÀ ft. Puffy TEE x Bidemi OLAOBA
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Jesu Mi Da
Mike Abdul
  1. I agree with you Mr. Olawale

  2. This song is a copy of worldly music, it’s the sign of the end!!!

    • How, which copy, what is the correlation??
      In case you are talking of the beat or the instrument, then you are not fully informed of what a worldly song is. And perhaps you are talking of the lyrics….which part is worldy??…..or probably the extra words in it?..who says you cant express your prayers and thanksgiving how you like. You are talking of the End…Tell me how does this song pull you to your end. It because of un advanced and un informed Christians like you , that we have so many misleading informations outside. So, which wordly copy is it???

      • In fact am so surprised with why someone will call this wonderful song a copy of worldly music. Honestly, the song took me high in spirit and I really she’d tears. Ride on Dear Monique.

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