Joyous Celebration Choir – Sibonile Amandla Akho (We Have Witnessed Your Power)

Sibonile Amandla Akho Joyous Celebration Choir
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Sibonile amandla akho (We have witnessed Your power) Lyrics by Joyous Celebration Choir 15. Delivered in Zulu. Download Sibonile amandla akho


Sibonile amandla akho (We have witnessed Your power)
Akhulula eluqilini (That frees us from wickedne
UnguThixo ogcwel’uthando (You are a loving Lord)
Umuhle njalo (Always kind to us)

Ngentokozo sohlabelela (Joyfully we shall sing)
Sithi Hallelujah (we shall say, “Hallelujah!” )
Hallelujah, Hallelujah (Hallelujah! Hallelujah!)
Umuhle njalo (You are always kind to us)

Saguqa, Sabonga, Sahlabelela (We kneel, we thank you and we sing)
saguqa, Sabonga, Sithi uphakeme (We kneel, we thank You, and we say “You are the Most High!”)

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