365 Daily Prayer Points

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  1. / Replygali
    I like to thank everyday for whatever he has done in my life n also my family nomatter wat de circumstances thank u lord
  2. / ReplyJoy!
    Thank you. I hope to bring back a life-changing testimony.
    • / Joy!
      I told you I would come back to testify, all you can do is believe in his words and claim them. Some miracles are in future, some are immediate. Don't ever stop believing. This God is too good!!!!!
  3. / ReplyOnyi
    Thanks for this site.. I can download songs without hassles.. God bless you all
  4. / Replykunle
    seriously am really really happy with this site very easy to download songs and fast as well.
  5. / ReplyMbugi
    May the Almighty always be your beacon you are a blessing. Martin, Kenya

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