Eunice Njeri – Unatosha

Unatosha Eunice Njeri
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This woman is the epitome of a gospel musician! She is not out there looking for bonga points! She is just out there glorifying Christ. Eunice Njeri, Unatosha is inspirational. Listen, download and enjoy.


Nimeubeba msalaba wangu (I have carried my cross)
Nikufuate wewe uliyenipenda (To follow You who lov
ed me)
Nimeitua mizigo yangu kwako (I have surrendered my burdens to You)
Nakufuata wewe uliyenipenda (I follow You who loved me)

Bwana utosha, wanitosha (Lord You are enough, You satisfy me)
Mungu wa agano, wewe wanitosha (God of promises, You satisfy me)

Nasalimu amri yako ee Baba (I surrender to your calling Faher)
Sauti yako nimeisikia (I listen to your voice)
Umenivuta Bwana karibu nawe (You have brought me closer to You)
Karibu zaidi, natamani niwe (I desire to be even closer to You)


We wangu uu sawa, sioni hofu (In you I am safe, I no longer fear)
Wanitosheleza, wanitosha (You satify me, You are enough)
Wengine mie sina, wewe wanitosha (I have no other, for You satisfy me)
Wanitosha, wanitosha (You satisfy me, You satisfy me)


Song by Eunice Njeri

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  1. may the Lord use you in different ways and means

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