TB Joshua Exposed !!! Secrets And Tactics Revealed

TB Joshua Exposed !!! Secrets And Tactics Revealed

A lot of things has been said about Prophet T.B Joshua the man behind the Synagogue Nigeria, Church Of All Nations SCON, a lot of negative things and positive things also, but are they true or false? Did he really do all those negative things you’ve been reading? We are going to see the negative side of Prophet T.B Joshua to expose what is hidden to many.

History of Prophet T.B Joshua

TB Joshua attended St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School in Arigidi-Akoko, Nigeria between 1971 and 1977. In school, he was known as “small pastor” because of his love for the Bible.

TB Joshua worked in various casual jobs after his schooling had ended, including carrying chicken waste at a poultry farm. He organised Bible studies for local children and attended evening school during this period. Joshua attempted to join the Nigerian military but was thwarted due to a train breakdown that left him stranded en route to the military academy.

We have removed the rest of the writings due to our readers strong believ. Our readers believe this post is against the man of God. We have listened to them and carry out their request by removing the rest of the post.

There are loads of complains and private messages urging us to remove the post as Prophet T.B Joshua is strongly believe to be a man of God that has helped so many people in the world and still helping so many at large.

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