I will destroy certain Deeper Life doctrines I set up, before I die - Pastor Kumuyi

I will destroy certain Deeper Life doctrines I set up, before I die – Pastor Kumuyi

A great deal of individuals from the well known Deeper Life church are still staggered over a late message from its General Overseer Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi.

Minister Kumuyi while lecturing amid Sunday’s Worship Service talked widely about ‘The Word in A Transformed Believer’ where he straightforwardly chastised a few segments of the congregation.

The 73-year-old minister uncovered that some congregation pioneers have perverted the congregation’s teachings.

He allegedly expressed that the greater part of the congregation precepts were man made, and he made them, not that they were from the scriptures – the reason of which is to situated individuals on the right way are currently being changed into the things of this world.

Apparently irritated by the circumstance, he said that most customs that were acquired into the congregation will be decimated. He went ahead to conflict with the custom typically saw by the Church’s marriage board of trustees, which is particular to Deeper Life.

He solicited the assemblage from the congregation “Are we not acclimating with the world. Why are you dressing like of the world?”

He then approached the men to be in control in their own particular home. In his own particular words, “Ladies service is our own making, and in the event that we figure out that the ladies service is taking us into the world and we are helping one another on the most proficient method to live like the world and wed like the world and manage your spouse like the world – in the event that it is not helping us and on the off chance that it is going to prevent us, we strike if off.”

“Before I leave, I mean before I go, I am going to evacuate everything that I set up, that I thought will help Deeper Life and make us Holy, make us purified, make us profound, make us more profound. Also, I see it is not making us more profound, before I leave, I will remove every one of them and present to you an immaculate church before I clear out.

“What am I apprehensive about? I must be anxious about the judgment of God, in this way whoever reacts, acclaim the ruler, whoever responds acclaim the master. We are going to remain on the expression of God.

“By the finesse of God I am not going yet, at the same time, before I go and I am letting you know and all our pioneers can listen. I am not going to hand over Deeper Life to some person who will come and annihilate all that we’ve developed for quite a long time, on the grounds that he’s man pleaser, ladies pleaser, never! Someone who will remain on this word and sincerely safeguard the confidence once conveyed unto the holy people, that is the thing that we are going to do. What’s more, the entire church will unite. We are not searching for graduates, degrees- whoever! Diminish did not have a degree.

“Whoever, will keep up that purification, Holiness without which no man might see the Lord, Whoever will have spine and be willing to stand dependable, penance everything and convey to chapel to dutifulness to the expression of God, that is the sort of pioneer, God will raise up for Deeper Life after I am gone.”

While the sermon endured, a great deal of individuals particularly ladies weeped like Children.



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