I joined the Nigerian Army purposely to die said veteran gospel singer Ayewa

I joined the Nigerian Army purposely to die said veteran gospel singer Ayewa

Veteran gospel singer Ayewa of the famous and evergreen song Amona has revealed the reason behind his joining the Nigerian Army when he did. Pastor Joseph Adelakun also known as Ayewa also revealed the story behind his birth and how the early loss of his father denied him sound education.


Pastor Joseph Adelakun, Ayewa

Amusa Adelakun now Pastor Joseph Adelakun popularly known as Ayewa has a Muslim background. He is the second child and the only son of his mother, Rafatu who late became Sarah Adelakun. His mother was fourth wife out of the five wives that his father, Alhaji Salami Adelakun had. His mother had difficulty with his pregnancy and thus was charged to go into hiding. Young did not go back to his father’s house until he was four. Though born a Muslim, Ayewa got drawn to the church as a child. He has passion for beating drums but have to sneak to church to do that.

The struggle of life started when Ayewa’s father died in1965. His education abruptly stopped and he later became an apprentice to an electrician against his mother’s wish. After the completion of this apprenticeship period he joined the Nigerian Army.

His journey into the military

Ayewa joined the Nigerian Army in1968 the same year he finished his training at Kareem Electrical Engineering Service, Ogunpa in Ibadan.

When asked about his purpose of joining the Army, he said, “I joined the Nigerian Army purposely to die. I had written off myself. I had lost every hope that was why I sold myself and forgot about my life in the Army.” But he never dies in the army. Because of Ayewa’s Electrical Engineering training he was posted to Nigerian Army Engineers Barrack popularly known as Engineering Construction Regiment based in Ede, Oyo state, now in Osun state.

ayewa and wife

Ayewa and wife receiving an award

His conversion to Christianity

Ayewa was going to smoke marijuana with his military friend in their usua hide-out when he met with God. As they were coming back from the solitary place, they heard noises of people praying and singing alongside their path not knowing God had arranged a good future for him that day. They talked to themselves: “Let us go and see what they are doing there,” just to make jest of them, this was no doubt a divine arrangement! God arrested him into His kingdom.

His music calling

The unique identity of the group Ayewa international Gospel singers came forth in the year 1976 at Christ Apostolic Church, Kawo, Kaduna. Brother Amusa, as Pastor Adelakun was then called enrolled in the church choir in 1974. He was then the composer for the church choir. According to him, he composed some of the choir songs then still in the Army. But a day came in the church when the Lord spoke to him to form a singing group apart from the church choir. So, he obeyed to select and call to the vision five people. With six people Ayewa International Gospel Singers.

Watch Ayewa evergreen song Amona below:


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