Kenny K’ore – “Mind On The Road”
KennyKore: Music .

10 Recommended Nigerian Gospel Music

We compiled 10 Nigerian Gospel Music That Will Move You and the response was awesome. We do understand that many want the compilation to be put into a single file and be available for download. We are working on it and we are going to send download link to everyone that has requested for it.

The list below are recommended Nigeria Gospel Music to download. Listen to the playlist, the different between this list and 10 Nigerian Gospel Music That Will Move You is that most songs on this list are latest Nigerian Gospel songs, mostly released in 2015. Hopefully most of the songs on this list will turn evergreen. The list on 10 Nigerian Gospel Music That Will Move You are not released in 2015, most songs range from 2012 – 2014. For more gospel music Visit Nigerian Gospel Songs

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  1. / ReplyEsther
    Wow! i enjoyed this praise, may God name be praised.
  2. / ReplyChinedu marcellus
    Thanks for the song.

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