10 Male & Female Celebrities who had SEX with Rihanna

10 Male & Female Celebrities who had SEX with Rihanna

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Rihanna gets around and she is proud of it. She sets a good example for women in many ways however she’s a human being like anyone of us with fresh and soul. Rihanna is an independent woman with strong believe that what people says about you does not really important.

She has been with some music industry stars including Chris Brown and Drake. Rihanna’s sultry instagram pictures reinforce her overt $exuality.

One can’t count. Not long ago, rumours in town claims that rapper Wale also hit Rihanna’s box, we still don’t know the truth about that. Bossip.com has compiled a list of all the celebs who have ate in Rihanna’s bowl.

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rihanna and chris brown

#1. Chris Brown

Infamous domestic disputes. Happiness. Endless dysfunction. Twitter subtweet wars. Make-ups, break-ups and secret late-night rendezvous. Top 5 most STRESSFUL celebrity relationship EVER? No question. Chris Brown is one of the celebrity that most commonly known to have slept with Rihanna.

drake and rihanna

#2. Drake

I still think Chris Brown and Drake had a bet on Rihanna, and it goes like this:
Drake : Yo, Chris If I do your girl I won
Chris Brown: No way, you can never do her
Drake : Check my profile bro, I do any girl I want!
Chris Brown: Bro, Rihanna knows you are my friend! There is no way she will fall for you.
Drake : (smile mischievously) We shall see…
Drake, like his friend Chris, also did Rihanna.

J.R Smith and Rihanna

#3. J. R Smith

J. R Smith, the reckless NBA savage recently missed practice because of a mystery illness after partying with Rihanna (and likely smashing). Could this be the same island super bug that forced RiRi to cancel those shows? Hmm…

matt kemp and rihanna

#4. Matt Kemp

“I have a boyfriend. I’m so happy. I feel really comfortable, and it’s so easy. I have such a chaotic life, but at the end of the day, that is just my peace.

riri and melisa forde

#5. Melissa Forde

BFF Rumors have swirled for years about RiRi and her shaggy-weaved bestie (Melisa Forde) being more than friends. Always together and flirting in public, it’s possible.

jay z and rihanna

#6. Jay Z

You really believe Hov signed Rihanna to Def Jam on the spot for her “life-changing” vocals? Jay Z is one reason Beyonce and Rihanna will never be closed. Beyonce knows about the affair so she kept big distance from Rihanna.

rihanna and justin

#7. Justin Timberlake

RiRi loves the swirl and there’s no greater Swirly god than Justin Timberlake.


(a)has the auto-tuned voice of an Angel and probably sang his way into RiRi’s bed during their “Loveeeeee Song” studio sessions (b) he’s booed up with RiRi’s arch nemesis Ciara and Ri is super-petty.

There’s a 96.39% chance he smashed.


#9.Kanye West

It seemed like a great idea until Yeezy cried after they smashed. After all, their rumoured tryst happened mid-808s & Heartbreak era.

rihanna and rick-ross

#10. Rick Ross

After the “Cake (Remix)” dropped, there were whispers of RiRi letting the sloppy walrus smash on a water bed covered in chicken wing bones. “Ricky’s ashy fun-bags seem like fun” – hoodrats

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